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Five Ways To Stay Safe From Sharks

One of the main reasons why people, kids and teens specifically, are afraid of going to the water is because of the scary presence of sharks. Movies like Deep Blue Sea, Jaws and Shark Nights have shown many different cases of shark attacks and how aggressive sharks can be when they are hungry. But not to worry, there are certain ways on how to prevent a shark attack when you are at the beach. Preparing for disasters such as a shark attack is of importance. Below are five ways on how you can avoid shark attacks when you are at the beach.

First is to try to stay near the shore of the beach. We have seen in movies like Jaws and Deep Blue Sea that most sharks stay in the deep recesses of the beach. Unless you can swim really fast and can out swim a shark, you can stay as far away from the beach as you can. But just to be on the safe side, do stay near the shore at all times. In case you want to go a bit further than the shore, make sure that you inform your companions so that they can check on your from time to time.

Third is to avoid going to areas of the beach where there are already warnings that it is a 'shark territory'. When a warning like this is placed in certain areas, please do avoid going there. Not only will you draw sharks to you but you can harm yourself, as well as your companions.

Another is to make sure to stay within the safe area of the beach. Commonly in beaches, there is a border lined with buoys or floaters which means that any swimmer should not go beyond that point. This is a disaster preparation to avoid people from drowning and from being eaten by animal creatures. Below these floaters holds a strong net that reaches to the bottom, held in the bottom by heavy things like anchors that will prevent huge aquatic animals such as sharks from going near the beach. If you go beyond the line, you are exposing yourself to danger, sharks in particular.

Last but not the least, in case there really is a shark and someone just got bitten or grazed by its teeth, make sure that you get hold of an emergency supply kit. Immediately cover and dress the wound to prevent further leaking of blood to the water which might draw the shark's attention. Carry the injured victim immediately to dry land.

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